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Maka Al-Mukarama Road, Tre-Piano, Hodon District, Mogadishu – Somalia.

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Awareness Raising


Awareness Raising

We understand the transformative power of knowledge. Our commitment lies in raising awareness among communities on a wide spectrum of vital topics, including health, sanitation, human rights, and peacebuilding. We firmly believe that information and education are potent tools for empowerment, enabling individuals and communities to make informed decisions, improve their overall well-being, and actively contribute to lasting peace and stability.

Our dedicated efforts encompass various crucial aspects. First and foremost, we empower communities with health knowledge, equipping them with the information needed to lead healthier lives. This knowledge includes essential practices for disease prevention, access to healthcare resources, and the promotion of overall well-being.

In parallel, we focus on sanitation, recognizing its significance in preserving public health. Through awareness campaigns and education, we instill good sanitation practices, ensuring access to clean and safe environments for communities.

Furthermore, our commitment extends to human rights, as we advocate for the recognition and protection of these fundamental principles. We empower communities by educating them about their rights and responsibilities and fostering a culture of dignity, respect, and equality.

We are deeply committed to peacebuilding. By raising awareness about the importance of peace, conflict resolution, and cooperation, we empower communities to actively participate in building and maintaining peace within their regions. We aim to create a society where conflicts are resolved through dialogue, understanding, and collaboration, leading to lasting stability.