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Maka Al-Mukarama Road, Tre-Piano, Hodon District, Mogadishu – Somalia.

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Our Objectives


Our Objectives

Our objectives are intricately tied to our overarching mission, which is to empower vulnerable communities in Somalia and contribute to the creation of a more stable and self-reliant nation. To achieve this noble vision, we have set forth clear and focused objectives that guide our actions and initiatives:

Distribute emergency food, water, and basic supplies:

Our primary objective is to provide immediate relief to those facing crises. We understand the urgency of addressing hunger, thirst, and essential needs during times of adversity. Through the distribution of emergency food, water, and basic supplies, we aim to alleviate suffering and ensure the well-being of vulnerable communities.

Provide vocational training in marketable skills:

Empowering individuals with practical skills is fundamental to enhancing their employability and economic prospects. We offer vocational training in a variety of marketable skills, including carpentry, sewing, mechanics, beauty salon services, and more. By equipping individuals with these skills, we enable them to pursue sustainable livelihoods and break the cycle of poverty.

Support small business start-ups and micro-enterprise development:

Entrepreneurship and small business development are crucial avenues for fostering economic independence. NRDO is committed to supporting small business start-ups and nurturing the growth of micro-enterprises. Through targeted assistance and guidance, we aim to empower individuals and communities to become self-reliant and economically self-sufficient.

Construct/rehabilitate basic infrastructure:

Basic infrastructure, such as water wells and health centers, forms the backbone of thriving communities. NRDO invests in the construction and rehabilitation of critical infrastructure to improve the quality of life for vulnerable populations. Access to clean water and healthcare services is paramount to community well-being and resilience.

Raise awareness on health, sanitation, rights, and peacebuilding:

Knowledge is a powerful tool for empowerment. We are dedicated to raising awareness among communities on various crucial topics, including health, sanitation, human rights, and peacebuilding. By providing information and education, we enable communities to make informed decisions, improve their overall well-being, and actively contribute to lasting peace and stability.